「Japan Patent & Trademark Update Issue 1」

1. Message (Yoshiyuki Inaba)

Since our establishment on October 1, 1990, TMI Associates has grown rapidly to become a full-service law firm that offers valuable and... Read more >>>

2. Revision of IP laws

2.1 Patent / Post-Grant Opposition System revived (Hiroki Sato)

Previously, in Japan, there was a Post-Grant Opposition System; however, this system was abolished in 2003 and the post-grant review procedures were unified with the Invalidation Trial system... Read more >>>

2.2 Trademark / Introduction of Non-Traditional Marks (Shunji Sato)

In line with the global trend of providing brand owners with broader protection for NTMs, Japan has finally amended its trademark legislation to accept NTMs... Read more >>>

2.3 Design / Japan Joins the Hague System (Koji Akanegakubo)

After years of consideration, Japan has now joined the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement for the International Registration of Industrial Designs ("the Act")... Read more >>>

2.4 Trade Secrets (Mitsuko Miyagawa)

A revision of the law is now being examined in order to bring about an enhancement of the protection of trade secrets... Read more >>>

3. About TMI 

TMI Associates is a full-service law firm headquartered in Japan and, of its practice areas, intellectual property has been an integral part of the firm since its establishment.  We provide a full range of IP services, including...Read more >>>