「Japan Patent & Trademark Update Issue 2」

1. Five (5) Reasons for Obtaining Patents in Japan (Toyotaka Abe)

“Which countries should we file patent applications for?” If you are a patent practitioner or strategist working in a corporation, law firm, or university, ... Read more >>>

2. Japanese Supreme Court Ruling on Product by Process (PBP) Claims (Ryosuke Nakano)

The Supreme Court of Japan handed down its ruling on Product-by-Process (PBP) claims on June 5th, 2015. This Supreme Court decision was ... Read more >>>

3. Five (5) Practical Tips when Designating Japan via the Madrid Protocol (Shunji Sato)

Japan has been one of the top 10 designated Madrid Members since joining the Madrid Protocol in 2000.  According to the Madrid Yearly Review ... Read more >>>

4. Lowest Level of Official Fees for Patents (Toshifumi Onuki)

You may be concerned about the ballooning level of costs involved in conducting foreign patent prosecution on a routine basis. ... Read more >>>

5. About TMI

Since our establishment on October 1, 1990, TMI Associates has grown rapidly to become a full-service law firm that offers valuable and comprehensive legal services ... Read more >>>