「Japan Patent & Trademark Update Issue 3」

1. Quick & Cost-effective Patent Prosecution in Japan for Overseas Applicants (Toshifumi Onuki)

For those intending to file patent applications in Japan, the biggest concern tends to how to obtain patents quickly and in a more cost-effective manner. This article ... Read more >>>

2. Japanese Supreme Court Decision on Patent Term Extension ("PTE") (Makoto Shiraishi)

- Is PTE allowed based on a new marketing approval ("MA") where there is a prior MA existing and the patented invention was able to be worked by the prior MA ?- ... Read more >>>

3. Update on Non-Traditional Marks in Japan (Shunji Sato)

Pursuant to the amendment of the Trademark Act, Non-Traditional Marks (NTMs) were introduced to Japan from April 1, 2015, and sounds, motions, positions, holograms and ... Read more >>>

4. Three (3) Revision to the employee invention system in Japan (Agasa Egashira)

On July 3, 2015, the Diet passed a bill into law which revised the employee invention system in Japan (new employee invention system). The new Patent Act ... Read more >>>

5. About TMI

Since our establishment on October 1, 1990, TMI Associates has grown rapidly to become a full-service law firm that offers valuable and comprehensive legal services ... Read more >>>