「Japan Patent & Trademark Update Issue 8」

1. Protecting Fintech Business by Obtaining Patent Protection in Japan(Yukio Oishi)

In recent times, “Fintech” has been making business headlines around the world.  Many startups, as well as large financial companies, are launching various types of Fintech businesses. ... Read more >>>

2. Update on Opposition Procedure (Toshifumi Onuki)

Two and a half years have now passed since the new opposition procedure started in April 1, 2015.  This article provides the updated information on such procedure based on the statistics ... Read more >>>

3. First Sound Marks without linguistic elements finally granted in Japan  (Shunji  Sato)

On September 26, 2017, the Japan Patent Office (“JPO”) announced the allowance for registration of three sound marks without linguistic elements. Although the JPO has already granted ... Read more >>>

4. Partial Design System - Part I: Introduction and Trends of Partial Design System in Japan  (Rikiya Sato, Miwa Hayashi, Koji Akanegakubo)

Almost 20 years have passed since the partial design system was introduced in Japan by the Design Act Revision of 1998.  The number of partial design applications has been increasing year by year ... Read more >>>

5. About TMI

Since our establishment on October 1, 1990, TMI Associates has grown rapidly to become a full-service law firm that offers valuable and comprehensive legal services ... Read more >>>