Legal Services at TMI

Close Client Relationships

We believe that working closely with our clients is a central factor in resolving their issues in satisfying ways and achieving success for our clients. For each case, we assess the nature of the situation and the client's needs so that our understanding is accurate and complete. We can therefore offer each client the most appropriate solutions to obtain the best results with speed and quality. This is enhanced and supported by our commitment to building strong mutual trust with our clients and maintaining open lines of communication. We believe that without such trust and support from our clients, even the most advanced legal strategy or innovative approach will be ineffective. We also believe that it is an important role of TMI to seek the best alternative solution when a result that the client desires is difficult to achieve under the laws and precedents. Therefore, we always work together with our clients to seek solutions and to take appropriate action. We are also proud that we have achieved long-term, committed relationships with many or our clients, from venture companies to listed companies.

Superior Legal Services in a Changing Social Environment

Global Networks

Increasing Our Knowledge

The collection, organization, and sharing of information and experience gained from domestic and international cases are integral to building and maintaining our legal expertise. TMI has increased its knowledge and capability by creating a tailored document management system and a shared database containing all our members' know-how. Also, by accessing major worldwide databases that allows us to conduct legal research across many jurisdictions, we continually seek more knowledge and information. In addition, we manage to deepen our professional understanding and further broaden our perspective on the law both at the same time by constantly updating our precedent research system and our library resources which cover general and specialized books, journals, and DVDs, as well as inviting experts in each field as advisors, and promoting exchange with external experts. Our information system and experience fostered by numerous cases have assisted us in creating new precedents and in developing new legal solutions for our clients. Also, the fact that we always strive to improve our expertise in all industries, such as finance, pharmaceuticals, IT, biotech, construction, environment, insurance, and the like has become one of TMI’s greatest strengths. Along with the growth of each industry in the years to come, TMI’s expertise will also increase its depth

Teamwork and Communication

At TMI, our lawyers and patent attorneys work together as a team which also includes experienced judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, paralegals, translators, secretaries, editors, and other support staff. Team members with different areas of accumulated expertise and experience cooperate with each other to find optimal solutions, enabling TMI to meet each client's specific needs. Especially, TMI is considered a top class firm for responding to any requests regarding IP strategy and IP dispute resolution due to cooperation among our attorneys and patent attorneys in a one-stop manner. Our services are utilized by many Japanese corporations, which in turn are helping Japan to realize its goal of becoming an IT nation. Open, effective communication among our team members is paramount to our success as it facilitates prompt access to and the accumulation of relevant information, skills, and know-how, which all contribute to providing the best available outcome to our clients.

A Unique Law Firm

Since our founding in 1990, we have worked to create a law firm distinct from any other and to recast the image of lawyers and patent attorneys. This is evident in the teamwork among our lawyers, patent attorneys, and support staff of various nationalities. Our efforts and commitment to delivering the highest quality global legal services are apparent in our equal partnerships, active development of global and local offices, our close relations with our clients and authorities, invitation of top class human resources in each field as advisors, and so on; these are only some examples of our efforts, as there are far too many to list. TMI has always been aiming to realize an ideal, to become a law firm that can gain absolute trust from clients from all over the world, by offering excellent services to both our Japanese and international clients through our high awareness and integration of the latest international legal trends and our ability to handle complex cases. In recent years, many Japanese law firms have rapidly grown in size to provide more extensive excellent legal services. We have also expanded while still maintaining our belief that effective teamwork is the key to maximizing the collective strengths, talents, and potential of all individual members at TMI. A sense of unity based on mutual trust, a common philosophy and shared values, as well as the development and growth of collective know-how and experience among our team members are all fundamental to us for TMI to constantly and continuously provide our incomparable services that meet our clients' needs.