Corporate Law Assistance in Establishing New Businesses and IPO

For the vitalization of the Japanese economy, it is anticipated that an industry-wide expansion of business will occur.  When founding a new business, trust and energy with a feasible exit strategy for IPOs and stock sales are essential for a company.

In order to accomplish this, it is vital to receive legal advice at an early stage.  As for IPOs, we represent many corporate and brokerage house clients in preparing for them. From either perspective, we are capable of providing proper and timely advice in all legal fields.  It is essential to formulate a governance system at an early stage in establishing a business in preparation for the IPO, so that there will be no problems which could become an obstacle at the time of executing the IPO.

At TMI, we make efforts to develop a long-term relationship of trust with our client companies at an early stage, with a flexible reward system.  Especially, we believe that our advice regarding strategic protection, utilization of intellectual property and legal protection of business models which could greatly contribute to corporate growth, has added value distinctive to TMI where our attorneys and patent attorneys collaborate.