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In recent years, with respect to consumer rights, consumer protection laws have continued to  improve and their coverage continues to expand, such as through the enactment of the Consumer Contract Act and the revision of the Installment Sales Act.  As consumer lifestyles have diversified, regulations have become more varied, such as regulations to ensure consumer safety, provision of necessary information to consumers by businesses, prevention of misleading representations of services and products, relief for harm suffered by consumers and other forms of protection.  At TMI, attorneys with abundant knowledge and experience provide support to consumers, paying careful attention to detail and acting in accordance with the latest changes in the law, courts and administrations.

For example, in industries such as manufacturing, dealing with the Product Liability Act (“PL Act”) is one of the important aspects of risk management.  When a claim or a dispute under the PL Act arises, broad practical experience in the related legal proceedings and the like is vital for the initial response such as gathering information, preserving evidence and dealing with the mass media.  Also, if manufacturers are exporting their products, it will be necessary to deal with legal systems that differ from the Japanese system; for example, dealing with the discovery system in the U.S. will impose a great burden on a corporation.  At our firm, we resolve disputes on many different levels in accordance with the know-how we have gained domestically and internationally.

Moreover, especially in recent years, consumer internet trouble has become more diversified and sophisticated.  Further, consumer trouble related to complex financial instruments is increasing.  For such cases, in particular, a flexible legal mind that has access to highly specialized knowledge and experience, and collaboration with the related authorities are essential.  At our firm, attorneys well-versed and specialized in this field will come up with optimum solutions and also work hand in hand with the related authorities.

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