Intellectual Property Copyright

In the area of copyright, we handle a variety of work related to copyrighted works and content such as films, animation, music, newspapers, publications, art (including applied arts), photography, broadcast programs, live performances including plays and musicals, games, apps, and digital content including Internet content and mobile device content.  At TMI, we handle all types of contract work (contract drafting and negotiation) including license agreements related to the above content, copyright assignment agreements, production consignment agreements, production commission agreements, content finance-related agreements, original work use contracts, supervision contracts, screenplay contracts, endorsement contracts, contracts related to production such as staff outsourcing contracts, secondary use contracts, material use contracts, and so on.

With the continuous globalization of content production and internationalization of distribution through the development of communication networks, various contracts are also becoming more internationalized requiring negotiation and legal drafting with European and Asian countries.  Our firm provides you with a team of attorneys and a network capable of handling these matters.

Also, we have broad experience and success with regard to handling warning letters, civil litigation (lawsuits and injunctive relief, etc.), and criminal complaints with regard to copyright infringement cases.

Further, we have extensive experience in providing expert opinions, legal opinions, legal auditing (legal due diligence), and the like, with regard to copyrights.

The firm is also proactive in representing various types of copyright protection organizations to protect copyrights of movies and business software, and others.

In addition, the firm also has wide experience in participating in the legislative process through getting involved in revising copyright laws and participating in various committees and conferences of relevant governmental authorities.

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