Litigation and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution Criminal Law

TMI has focused on criminal defense as one of the most important corporate legal practices since its foundation, as we believe that mishandling a criminal matter could have an impact on the survival of a corporation.  We have been working on a variety of defenses in investigations and trials including well-known large scale cases, particularly in corporate and white-collar crime, as well as bribery, aggravated breach of trust, fraud, on-the-job injuries involving negligence, false statements in securities reports, cases related to tax such as tax evasion, cases related to financial instruments transactions such as insider trading, and violations of the Anti-monopoly Law, Public Offices Election Act, Political Funds Control Act, Banking Act, Certified Public Accountants Act, and other various business laws.

In addition, special teams have been organized to handle each case in accordance with the related context.  Our criminal team members have working experience as prosecutors including a former Attorney General, as judges and police officers such as the former acting president of the Tokyo High Court, former officers of the Fair Trade Commission, former officers of the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, former officers of the National Tax Agency, certified public accountants, certified tax accountants, and so on.

Furthermore, contrary to belief, regarding corporate activity, the memory of scandals cannot be erased easily.  And sometimes, there are cases in which companies are the victims of crime.  In such cases, for example in scandals, we have to conduct internal investigations and various responses may also be necessary, such as in regard to human resources and public relations.  Among all, there are many cases in which the filing of a criminal complaint or making accusations are necessary.  Our firm can determine the necessity of filing such complaints or making such accusations in response to Criminal Code offenses as well as violation of various special laws.