Litigation and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution Consumer Relations

TMI handles drafting contracts and documents, responding to complaints and litigation, mainly on the side of corporate clients’ in relation to consumers.  As legislation increasingly improves consumer protection, such as the introduction of consumer class actions, it will become more vital for businesses to avoid disputes with consumers and to find appropriate solutions to resolve disputes.  In this sense, it is necessary for businesses to win consumers’ trust, and in order to maintain it, careful and timely handling of this relationship is required with the assistance of professional advice.

At TMI, attorneys well-versed in the Product Liability Act, Consumer Contract Act, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Installment Sales Act and other laws are here to provide you with comprehensive advice from a wide range of perspectives in addition to responding to individual cases.  Also, in recent years, consumer disputes which require IT and financial knowledge and experience have been increasing, and our experienced attorneys have and will continue to meet clients’ needs in this regard.