Risk Management Company Fraud Investigation

In the case of emergencies such as when company scandals are revealed, the first thing to do is to conduct prompt, accurate, and fair factual investigation.  Delays in confirmation of facts or misinterpretation of the same may cause incorrect public announcements and mishandling by the authorities.  These can lead to severe incidental damages for a company, such as intense media scrutiny, loss of consumer trust, strict penalties from the authorities, and so on.

TMI has been continuously supporting companies in investigations on compliance violations of all types, making full use of its highly-specialized attorneys and abundant manpower.  We conduct prompt and accurate investigations on cartels, insider trading, accounting fraud, and information leaks.  These investigations are handled by teams wherein the right people for the job at hand are selected, and team members include former prosecutors, former Fair Trade Commission officers,  and the certified public accountants, depending on the scale and nature of the case.

In addition, the firm has publically-trusted attorneys, including a former Supreme Court justice and a former Prosecutor General, who participate in investigations as members of an independent committee, contributing to the fairness of the investigations.

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