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We assist clients with various legal issues that arise in operating business on a daily basis including providing legal advice and creating legal documentation such as contracts.  For these services, we utilize the most recent legal know-how and pay attention to the latest socioeconomic and industry trends.  We can provide services in accordance with clients’ needs, including legal analysis of particular legal issues and laws, presenting approaches to resolve problems, pointing out problems inherent in new business plans and ways of resolving them, proposing strategies for better business results and so on.  Also, for our consultation with clients, we are prepared with a system in which we can promptly respond using a comprehensive range of perspectives, with the attorneys in charge responding instantly by phone or e-mail.  Depending on the nature of the consultation or the circumstances, we urgently bring together specialized teams to handle the matter at hand.

We also handle all types of legal services related to the daily operation of business, such as providing consultation on various laws and regulations, preparing for and reviewing documentation for various registrations, notification to and registration with the public agencies, bureaus and the like, various procedures related to setting up corporations, legal entities and businesses, keeping articles of incorporation and other internal regulations up to date, preparing various types of minutes, instructing on management of shareholders’ meetings and board of directors’ meetings, establishing and operating internal control systems, preparing and reviewing various types of contracts (basic sales agreements, service agreements, agency agreements, license agreements, joint venture agreements and other agreements) and so on.

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