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Law and Technology in the IT and Communications Fields

IT, including the internet, has become an essential tool for the information society of today.  In this field, the level of convenience has increased due to rapid technological innovation and the development of new businesses.  At the same time, new legal issues have arisen in regard to intellectual property rights.  Also, various regulations exist in the information communications field, which forms the IT infrastructure.  In addition to handling issues relating to intellectual property rights law and various new laws, a precise understanding of the latest technology is vital in this field.

Advice in Accordance with Abundant Knowledge, Experience, and Know-how

At TMI, we provide a wide range of advice on new IT business in accordance with our abundant knowledge, experience and know-how in the IT and communications business fields.  In particular, we provide legal advice and dispute resolution services for any and all issues related to IT and intellectual property rights such as pursuing patents for new IT systems, contracts for software transactions (such as development, licensing, sales and maintenance), creation of websites (terms of use, privacy policy, advertisement and e-commerce), protection of domain names, production and distribution of contents such as video, music and games on websites and their related intellectual property rights, digital books, infringement on websites, legal liability and disclaimers for internet service providers, protection of personal information, system security, issues related to telecommunications and the Telecommunications Business Act, including fixed and mobile lines, and so on.

International Approach

The IT business is a transnational business.  At TMI, attorneys and patent attorneys with abundant overseas experience will provide advice related to IT and intellectual property rights based on the latest information, from international perspective, utilizing our international network.  We also provide research services related to information protection and ICT regulations in various countries worldwide.

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