Privacy Policy

TMI Associates (referring to the association including overseas branches such as the Shanghai Office, the Beijing Office, the Ho Chi Minh Office and the Hanoi Office), TMI Partners Legal Professional Corporation (referring to the legal professional corporation including the Nagoya Office and the Kobe Office), TMI Associates (Singapore) LLP, TMI Associates Services Co., Ltd., TMI SOHGOH Ltd. and TMI Associates Silicon Valley LLP (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “TMI Group”) shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations, regarding the personal data it possesses, and shall handle such information appropriately in accordance with the TMI Group’s policy set forth below.

Purpose of Using Personal Data

The TMI Group may ask you to provide, directly through this website, personal data such as your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, while also obtaining personal data in various situations. In such cases, we shall use such personal data within the scope necessary for the purposes of use set forth below. 1) The implementation of operations related to legal practice requested by the TMI Group’s clients and related communications; 2) Provision of firm information and legal information from the TMI Group (or provision of information on seminars and symposiums); and 3) TMI Group’s recruiting activities of attorneys, patent attorneys, office staff and trainees. The TMI Group will use personal data only for the above-mentioned purposes, and will not use such information for other purposes without the consent of individuals unless required by laws or regulations, or unless we have separately given notification or made a public announcement regarding such other purposes of use.

Sharing of Personal Data

Within the TMI Group, other than the purposes mentioned in 1 to 3 above, there are cases where we mutually share contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers of individuals and all other personal data possessed respectively, to the extent necessary for the appropriate and smooth implementation of the operations of the TMI Group. In such cases, TMI Associates shall be the responsible manager for personal data in the TMI Group.

In addition, regarding the personal information obtained in connection with seminars and symposiums jointly held with other individuals or organizations, the TMI Group may jointly use such information with the individuals or organizations co-hosting the event to the extent necessary to carry out such joint event.

In such cases, TMI Associates will be in charge of managing the personal information.

Management of Personal Data

The TMI Group manages personal data, within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use, taking care such that illegal access, loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage do not occur; implementing necessary and appropriate measures, in accordance with the TMI Group’s rules and regulations concerning the protection of personal data. In addition, at the TMI Group, we supervise our employees appropriately regarding the handling of personal data; and in the case of an entrustment of the handling of personal data to any third party, we will supervise the entrustee so that they will manage the personal data appropriately. At the TMI Group, unless we have our client’s consent, we will not provide, other than when required by laws and regulations, any personal data to any third party.

Contact Info

Regarding disclosures, corrections or deletions of personal data, please contact us with the contact information on the web page to which you have provided your personal data, or with the below contact information. E-mail:

Confirmation of

The TMI Group may carry out confirmations of certain identification matters when newly receiving requests for legal work, pursuant to the Rules Concerning Client Identity Verification and Record Preservation, etc. (effectuated on March 1, 2013) of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, for purposes such as the prevention of money laundering. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

*Example of matters subject to confirmation – Individuals Confirmation of name, address and date of birth in the following documents: seal registration certificate, driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, pension handbook and residence card. – Corporations Confirmation of the name and location of the official headquarters or main office in the commercial registration certificate