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2018/07/21BOOK “Reality of Responses to Information Leaks as Indicated by Professionals in the Field: Survey and Latest Case Examples of Information Leaks”
2017/03/25ARTICLE “[Feature: Branding Strategies and Utilization of Trademarks] New Trademarks”
2016/12/20BOOK “Professional Practices Regarding Laws Relating to Cybersecurity for Companies”
2016/08BOOK “Handbook for Personal Information Management”
2016/01/27BOOK “Trade Secret Protection: A Global Guide”
2016/01/07BOOK “Legal Consultation on IT and the Internet”
2013/02BOOK “Legal Advice on Software Business”
ARTICLE An article Attorney Mitsuko Miyagawa and Attorney Naoki Koizumi participated in authoring was published by Seirin-Shoin.
BOOK “Laws regarding Cloud Computing”
ARTICLE An article by Attorney Mitsuko Miyagawa in which she explains a judicial precedent was included and published in the Additional Volume of the Hanrei Times, Issue 32.
ARTICLE Attorney Mitsuko Miyagawa’s article was published in the A.I.P.P.I. (International Edition).
ARTICLE Attorney Mitsuko Miyagawa’s article was published in the Bessatsu Hanrei Times.
ARTICLE Attorney Mitsuko Miyagawa’s article was published in the BUSINESS LAW JOURNAL.
ARTICLE Attorney Mitsuko Miyagawa’s article was published in the Bessatsu Hanrei Times.
ARTICLE Attorneys Mitsuko Miyagawa and Masahiko Ishida’s article was published in the May edition of Managing Intellectual Property.
ARTICLE Attorney Mitsuko Miyagawa’s article was published in a special edition of Jurist.
BOOK TMI authored the book Handbook on Management of Personal Information, published by Shojihomu Co. Ltd.

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2019/02/01ARTICLE “Leech Sites and Blocking”
2018/05/10BOOK “The Business Blockchain: Practical Blockchain Business for the Planning of New Businesses and the Establishing of Companies”
2018/04/10BOOK “Explanation of Important Judicial Decisions in 2017”
2018/03/15BOOK “Intellectual Property Law”
2018/03/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Expressions and Ideas in Architectural Design”
2018/02/21ARTICLE “Law And Practice JAPAN”
2018/01/01ARTICLE “[Feature] Sports Business and Intellectual Property”
2018/01/21ARTICLE “The Latest Trends in New Types of Marks: Sound Mark Consisting only of Musical Elements Registered for the First Time”
2017/11/20ARTICLE “Consideration of Partial Design and Functional Design in ASEAN Countries”
2017/09/25ARTICLE “US Supreme Court Decision in Star Athletica LLC v. Varsity Brands, Inc.: The Proper Separability Test to Determine Whether an Artistic Feature Incorporated into Design of Useful Article is Eligible for Copyright Protection – Suggestions for Protection of Applied Art under Japanese Copyright Act”
2017/09/19ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Strategies for Blockchain Technologies”
2017/09/29BOOK “Legal Consultation on Trademarks Part I” “Legal Consultation on Trademarks Part II”
2017/09/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Patent Invalidity Defense and the Defense of Abuse of Right”
2017/08/01ARTICLE “Feature: Modern Issues Relating to Patent Disputes”
2017/06/09ARTICLE “Amendment to introduce Broader Concept relating to Prohibition of New Matter Addition – Consideration based on IPHC Decision of August 24, 2016 (2015 (Gyo-Ke) 10245)”
2017/05/16ARTICLE “Research on the Situation of the Enforcement of Rights in Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia”
2017/05/16ARTICLE “Research on the Situation of the Enforcement of Rights in Intellectual Property Rights in the Philippines”
2017/05/09ARTICLE “Copyright for Beginners – Introduction to Legal Precedents Giving Insights into the Borderline Between the Legality and Illegality of Copyrights: Vol. 2 Literary Works (Part 1) – Protection of Phrases Without Design Property”
2017/03/25ARTICLE “Introduction for [Feature: Branding Strategies and Utilization of Trademarks]”
2017/03/25ARTICLE “[Feature: Branding Strategies and Utilization of Trademarks] New Trademarks”
2017/02/24ARTICLE “The Current Status and Issues of Fashion Design Protection under U.S. Intellectual Property Law (2)”
2017/02/22ARTICLE “Retweets and Copyrights Therein”
2017/02/07BOOK “Legal Practices on the Problems Occurring in the New Internet Era (3rd Edition)”
2017/02/01ARTICLE “Overview of Next Generation Intellectual Property System”
2017/01/25ARTICLE “The Current Status and Issues of Fashion Design Protection under U.S. Intellectual Property Law (1)”
2017/01/09ARTICLE “Key sports law cases and developments to watch in 2017 – Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia”
2017/01/05ARTICLE “Key sports law cases of 2016 – Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia”
2017/01/05ARTICLE “Production Committee’s Legal Work on the ’Cool Japan Strategy’ and Future Perspectives”
2016/12/13ARTICLE “Applied Art (1) Dolls – Furby Case: Appeal Trials”
2016/12/07ARTICLE “Japan IP High Court Rules in Favor of Franck Miura over Franck Muller”
2016/11/01ARTICLE “Overview of ‘The Committee to Review Next Generation Intellectual Property System’ Report and ‘Intellectual Property Strategic Program 2016’”
2016/11/01ARTICLE “Introduction of Flexible Limitations on Copyright and the Impact on innovation”
2016/11/01ARTICLE “Posting Images of Works of Art in Auction Catalogues”“Introducing the Feature”
2016/10/15BOOK “New Commentary on the Trademark Act [Vol.1 & 2]”
2016/09/15BOOK “Research Circle on Intellectual Property Law: Festschrift Commemorating Professor Tatsuki Shibuya”
2016/09/01BOOK “Comprehensive List of Intellectual Property Legal Precedents 2014 Vol.2”
2016/08/10ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Myanmar: Necessary Measures for Companies in the Event of Unauthorized Use of Their Trademarks – An Overview of the Systems Regarding Intellectual Property in Myanmar”
2016/08/01BOOK “Comprehensive List of Intellectual Property Legal Precedents 2014 Vol.1”
2016/08/01ARTICLE “Professional Practice and Issues Regarding Systems for Intellectual Property Rights in India: First Exercise of Compulsory License in India and Thereafter”
2016/07/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Requirements for Equivalents”
2016/07/01BOOK “ANDA Litigation: Strategies and Tactics for Pharmaceutical Patent Litigators, Second Edition”
2016/05/27BOOK “Professional Practice Regarding Intellectual Property Due Diligence Leading to Successful M&A [3rd Edition]”
2016/05/25ARTICLE “Partial Amendment to Guidelines for the Use of Intellectual Property (Changes from the Original Draft to the Final Draft and Their Effects on Professional Practice)”
2016/05/24ARTICLE “Survey of Legal Trends in Major Countries in ASEAN”
2016/05/01BOOK “The Extra Edition of Jurist: Carefully Selected Precedents in the Field of Corporate Crimes and Compliance”
2015/05/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Displaying Goods at Exhibitions and Regulations on Imitating the Configuration of Goods”
2016/04/30ARTICLE “Sports Law (Part 2): What is Ambush Marketing? – ‘Free Riding Businesses’ Which Has Been Controversial in Relation to the Olympic Games”
2016/04/29ARTICLE “Sports Law (Part 1): The Real World of Soccer as Seen by a Japanese Attorney Who Experienced Europe”
2016/04/01ARTICLE “[Analysis of the Current Intellectual Property Rights Situation in Various Countries Vol.1] Analysis of the Current Intellectual Property Rights Situation in Indonesia”
2016/04/01ARTICLE “[Analysis of the Current Intellectual Property Rights Situation in Various Countries Vol.1] Professional Practices Regarding Intellectual Property Systems in India Which Japanese Enterprises Should Note under the Modi Administration”
2016/03/24ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 13) The Judgement of India’s Supreme Court Which Granted an Interlocutory Injunction against Passing off”
2015/03/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Final Appellate Instance of the Avastin (Bevacizumab) Case”
2016/01/27BOOK “Trade Secret Protection: A Global Guide”
2016/01/25BOOK “Legal Consultation on Copyrights Part II”
2015/12/25ARTICLE “Current Examination of Applications for Non-Traditional Marks”
2015/12/24ARTICLE “Special Feature: Trends and Issues in Intellectual Property Legislation ‘The Intent of the Project’”
2015/12/21ARTICLE “Recent Trends of Three-dimensional Trademarks in Japan” and “Recent IP High Court Decisions-IP High Court and District Court Cases in 2014 where Similarity between the Marks Was Discussed”
2015/12/20ARTICLE “Review of the Right of Publication after the Amendment to the Copyright Act in 2014 and Consideration Regarding Legal Practice under the Enforcement”
2015/12/17BOOK “Commentaries on the Copyright Act Vol.2 [Second Edition]” (This book consists of three volumes.)
2015/12/17BOOK “Commentaries on the Copyright Act Vol.3 [Second Edition]” (This book consists of three volumes.)
2015/12/17BOOK “Commentaries on the Copyright Act Vol.1 [Second Edition]” (This book consists of three volumes.)
2015/12/08ARTICLE “Record of a Lecture: Penal Provisions under the Copyright Act”
2015/11/30BOOK “Overview of the Copyright Act [16th Edition]”
2015/10/30ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Principle of Focusing on Actual Plants in the Plant Variety Protection and Seeds Act”
2015/10/02ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 12) The Supreme Court’s Judgment on the Jurisdiction of Intellectual Property Litigation in India”
2015/10/01ARTICLE “Special Feature: Social Trends Surrounding Intellectual Property Disputes – Latest Situations Inside and Outside the Country”
2015/09/29ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Cancellation and Invalidation of Decisions to Grant Patents”
2015/09/29ARTICLE “Japan Business Review Updated – Trademark Law Update 2015”
2015/07/10 ARTICLE “When Do Rights of Publicity Trump Freedom of Expression?:Based on Recent Court Decisions Related to Video Games in the United States”
2015/06/09ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 11) ‘Regulations Regarding Information Technology in India – Focusing on Regulations for the Protection of Personal Information’”
2015/06/01ARTICLE “How to Ensure Your Company’s Superiority amid the Diversification of Players and Rapid Globalization through the Utilization of Patents”
2015/06/12BOOK “Finding its wings – Intellectual Property in the 21st Century – A Collection of Papers in Commemoration of Attorney Nobuhiro Nakayama’s 70th Birthday”
2014/04/28BOOK “Iwanami Lectures: The Dynamics of Contemporary Law Part 4; Changes in the International Community and the Law”
2015/04/15ARTICLE “How IP Utilization by Japanese Corporations is Viewed from Outside Japan”
2015/04/01ARTICLE “Judgment Standards for the Copyrightability of Maps and Whether or Not Torts Are Constituted in Cases of Business Interference – ‘The Edo-Meiji Tokyo Superimposed Map’ Case”
2015/3/27ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Breeder’s Right and the Description of Characteristics in Variety Registration“
2015/03/12ARTICLE “Recent Important Court/TTAB Decisions regarding Trademark Dilution Revision Act”
2015/02/13ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 10): ‘The Employee Invention System in India – Taking into Consideration Recent Judgments of the Bombay High Court’”
2015/02/06BOOK “Reading of U.S. Supreme Court Cases: Commentary on Intellectual Property and Business Cases in the 21st Century [IIP Collection of Research Papers: Issue 13]”
2015/01/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Copyrightability of Fashion Shows and the Applicability of the ‘Live Performance Standard’”
2015/01/01ARTICLE “Feature Article: Review on Grand Panel Cases in the Intellectual Property High Court – on the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Grand Panel System”
2014/12/19ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 9) ‘The Judgment of the Delhi High Court Concerning Jurisdiction in Internet Transaction Cases’”
2014/12/01ARTICLE “Overview of the Law Partly Amending the Copyright Act (the 2014 Amendment)”
2014/11/26ARTICLE “[Early Spring Project] 2014 in Review; 10 Important Court Precedents for Business”
2014/11/25ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Request for Amendment Procedures Based on the Inventor’s Moral Right”
2014/11/21ARTICLE “Overview of the Law Partly Amending the Copyright Act (the 2014 Amendment)”
2014/10/23ARTICLE “Trademark Law Update 2014”
2014/11/1ARTICLE “Should Cooperation with Hardware Be Required for Each Step in Computer-related Inventions? – Reconsideration of the Requirement for Use of the Law of Nature”
2014/10/31ARTICLE “Investigation into the Trademark Registration of Japanese Geographical Names in Major ASEAN Countries”
2014/10/28ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Resemblance of 3D Trademarks to Registered Trademarks”
2014/10/16ARTICLE “Effective Use of Patents under Article 102, Japanese Patent Law”
2014/10/17ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 8): ‘Judgment of the Bombay High Court Concerning the Exercise of Compulsory Licenses’”
2014/09/26ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] ‘Exploiting a Patented Invention’ under Article of the Patent Act”
2014/08/20ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 7): ‘Copyright and its Fair Use in India”
2014/06/24ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 6): ‘The Current Status and Agenda Regarding the Protection of Trade Secrets in India”
2014/06/12ARTICLE “Protection of Trade Name in Asian Countries (Vol.2)”
2014/06/01ARTICLE “Appeal against Decision to Grant a Patent on Procedural Grounds”
2014/06/01ARTICLE “Some practical tips for non-Japanese trade mark applicants seeking to protect trade marks in Japan using the Madrid Protocol”
2014/05/14ARTICLE “Protection of Trade Name in Asian Nations (Part 1)”
2014/04/30ARTICLE “Research on the Costs and Time Required for the Registration of Industrial Property Rights in ASEAN Member Countries”
2014/04/25ARTICLE “Application of Patent Law Article 102 Paragraph 2 in In Execution of Patent Owner’s Right”
2014/04/24ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 5) ‘Decision by the Competition Commission of India Regarding Standard Essential Patents’”
2014/04/21BOOK “Effective for Practice: Selection of Intellectual Property Precedents”
2014/04/18ARTICLE “Research on Cost and Period for Establishment of Right in Various ASEAN Countries”
2014/04/15ARTICLE “Sports and Intellectual Property – Focusing on Olympic Marketing”
2014/03/28ARTICLE “Inspection Duty of Import Distributors”
2014/02/14ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 4) ‘First Patent Infringement Lawsuit in India Regarding Medical Substance Patent’”
2014/01/01ARTICLE “Installation of Structures in the Garden”
2013/12/20ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 3) ‘Indian Supreme Court Judgment on Novartis Medicine Patent (Part Two)’”
2013/11/01ARTICLE “Amount of Damages due to Publicity Infringement”
2013/10/22ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol. 2) ‘Indian Supreme Court Judgment on Novartis Medicine Patent (Part One)’”
2013/12/21ARTICLE “Cost Analysis of Dispute Resolution for Risk Judgment (Vol.4): ‘Similar Products’”
2013/07/20BOOK “The Copyrights Act in the Cloud Age – Significant Changes in Global Situation”
2013/09/30BOOK “Theory and Issues on Competition Laws – Frontiers of the Antimonopoly Act and Intellectual Property Law – Commemorating 70th Birthday of Professor Akira Negishi”
2013/10/01ARTICLE “Infringement of Author’s Honor and Reputation”
2013/09/01ARTICLE “Aim for Intellectual Property Policies and Rules of General Law”
2013/08/21ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Practice in India (Vol.1) ‘Decision by the Intellectual Property Appellate Board in India with regard to Exercising of Compulsory License’”
2013/09/01ARTICLE “KUMA Trademark Case”
2013/08/01ARTICLE “Tokyo District Court Decision on Pioglitazone Patent Lawsuit”
2013/04/05BOOK The Practice of Intellectual Due Diligence Leading to Successful M&As (2nd Edition)
2012/10ARTICLE An article written by Attorney Hiroshi Nemoto was published in the October 2012 issue of Jurist.
2010/05/24BOOK “A Professional Dictionary of Intellectual Property Terms (Chiteki-zaisan Purofesshionaru Yogo Jiten)”
2009/12/15ARTICLE “Interpretation of Sound Recording Right Assignment Agreement (1) (The Heat Wave Case)”