Kensei IKEDA

Practice Area


Duke University School of Law (LL.M., 2015)
Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (2005-2006)
Chuo University (LL.B., 2004)


New York (2018)
Japan (2006)


TMI Associates (Associate, 2006-2010, 2012-2017; Partner, 2018-Present)
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, New York (2015-2016)
Financial Services Agency (2010-2012)


Japanese / English


New York State Bar Association
Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association

Articles & Publications

2019/05/25 ARTICLE “The Contents of and Practical Points to Note in Securities Reports, etc. Relating to the Amendments to the Cabinet Office Ordinance on the Disclosure of Corporate Affairs, etc.”
2018/12/18 ARTICLE “Points to Note in the Practice of M&A in Relation to the Introduction of the Fair Disclosure Rules”
2018/12/10 ARTICLE “Article: Practice and Points to Note Regarding the Management Integration of Local Banks”
2018/11/01 ARTICLE “Japan Chapter of Real Estate M&A”
2013/06/30 BOOK “Article by Article Explanation: Revision of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act 2012”
2012/12/05 ARTICLE “Review of Administrative Civil Money Penalty System (2) – Application of Money Penalty to Acts of Participating in Submission, etc., of Documents that Include False Statements, etc.” Junkan Shoji Homu, 2012.12.05
2012/11/05 ARTICLE “Review of Application of Tender Offer Restrictions on Transactions through a Proprietary Trading System”Junkan Shoji Homu, 2012.11.05
2012/11 ARTICLE “Tender Offers Involving Purchase of Treasury Shares and Two-step Acquisition – Issues Arising Under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act” MARR, 2012.11
2011/07 BOOK “Detailed Explanation of the Tender Offer System, the System on Large Shareholding Reports and Q&A”
2011/07/25 ARTICLE “Explanation about the Handling of Exchange Tender Offers under the Tender Offer System (Q&A),” Junkan Shoji Homu, 2011.07.25
2010/08/05 ARTICLE “Issues Deemed to be Important in terms of Financial and Capital Markets- the Companies Act and Related Regulations” Junkan Shoji Homu, 2010.08.05

Seminars & Lectures