Practice Area


Columbia Law School (LL.M., 2012)
Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (2005-2006)
Keio University (LL.B., 2001)


Japan (2006)


TMI Associates (Associate, 2006-2017; Counsel, 2018-Present)
Co-Founder and Director, Space Port Japan Association(2018-Present)
Member of task force for the issues discussion to support the future space Industry in Japan, Cabinet Strategic Section for Space Development(2017-Present)
Member of advisory group for the Cabinet Office Ordinance formulation of space activities law in Japan, Cabinet Strategic Section for Space Development (2017-Present)
Part-time staff, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (2017-Present)
Visiting Researcher, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (2016-Present)
Legal Intern, NY Headquarters Office of Large Japanese Company (2013)


Aerospace industry / Aviation law / Space law


Japanese / English


Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association
International Bar Association (IBA)

Articles & Publications

2018/12/20ARTICLE “Legal Work Peculiar to Business in Space and Possible Reponses – Focusing on Space and Patent”
2018/11/16ARTICLE “The Vision of Spaceport as Business in Aerospace Industry: To Realize “Space Travel” from Spaceport in Japan, a New Organization “Space Port Japan Association (SPJ)” has Established with Some Member Companies such as ANA and Marubeni.
2018/11/01BOOK “The Attorney’s Guidebook for Business in Space – The Trends in ‘New Space’ and the Changing Laws”
2018/03/19ARTICLE “Up-and-Coming Economic Issues ‘Not Only Technological Development, But Also the Organization of Laws Are Essential – Space Debris Removal Service as a Business Opportunity”
2017/11/01ARTICLE “The Overview of Bill of Remote Sensing Satellite in Japan and the Future of Satellite Data Use”

Other Articles & Publications

Seminars & Lectures

2019/02/25EXTERNAL “The 10th Space Law Symposium by the Keio Advanced Research Center for Space Law [Institute of Space Law]: ‘Further Development of Space Law Research Communities in Japan’”
2018/12/04EXTERNAL “JAXA Space Debris Workshop”
2018/11/30EXTERNAL “JAPAN INTERNATIONAL AEROSPACE EXHIBITION 2018 TOKYO: Panel Discussion on Business in Space – Expansion of Use of Space for Promotion of Space Industry”
2017/01/27EXTERNAL “The Current Situation in the Aerospace Industry and JAXA’s Efforts to Create New Business”
2016/11/29EXTERNAL “The Current Situation in the Aerospace Industry and JAXA’s Efforts to Create New Business”

Articles & Publications


Seminars & Lectures