We are pleased to welcome new Advisor, Hidenori Sakota to TMI Associates.

TMI Associates welcomed Mr. Hidenori Sakota as an Advisor on January 15, 2018. Below is a comment by Mr. Sakota.


I have recently jointed TMI Associates as an advisor attorney.

I joined the Ministry of Finance (then called “Okura-sho,” now “Zaimu-sho”) in 1982, and retired from my position in government in July 2017, and with my final position as the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency, I had forged a career as an administrative officer for some 35-odd years.

Looking back at the past 35 years, I spent approximately one-third of my time at the Budget Bureau, which handles national budgeting, and I also worked outside the building of the Ministry of Finance for almost the same amount of time.  In addition to engaging in national tax practice, working as a public official in two prefectures for four years in total provided me with a great variety of work experience.

I sincerely hope to contribute with my work at TMI Associates by making a meaningful connection between my experience as an administrative officer and your expertise and experience in legal practice.

As an administrative officer, I had felt the laws had become familiar to me by being in a position to formulate them and by relying on them in advancing my daily work.  Now that I have left the position as an administrative officer, I wonder how the laws will appear to me when I approach them as an individual.  I feel a sense of anticipation for brand-new scenery viewed from a different perspective.

In any case, I am ready for this new challenge.

I am looking forward to working with you.