In the Best Lawyers 2019, attorneys of our firm were highly commended.

Antitrust / Competition

Attorney Harumichi UCHIDA

Arbitration and Mediation

Attorney Masakazu IWAKURA

Banking and Finance

Attorney Hiroyoshi KUROMARU

Bet-the-Company Litigation

Attorney Masakazu IWAKURA

Corporate and M&A

Attorney Harumichi UCHIDA, Attorney Mitsue AIZAWA, Attorney Masakazu IWAKURA, Attorney Yoshihiko FUCHIBE, Attorney Hidenori NAKAGAWA, Attorney Masami HADAMA, Attorney Hidehiro UTSUMI

Insolvency and Reorganization

Attorney Mitsue AIZAWA, Attorney Shinichiro YAMAMIYA

Intellectual Property

Attorney Katsuro TANAKA, Attorney Hidetoshi MASUNAGA, Attorney Tomohiro TOHYAMA, Attorney Harumichi UCHIDA, Attorney Mitsuko MIYAGAWAAttorney Masakazu IWAKURAAttorney Shigeyuki MITO, Attorney Masahiko NAKAMURA, Attorney Yoshiro MASUMOTO, Attorney Atsushi IGARASHI, Patent Attorney Yoshiyuki INABA

International Business Transactions

Attorney Harumichi UCHIDA

Labor and Employment

Attorney Mie FUJIMOTO


Attorney Hidetoshi MASUNAGA, Attorney Mitsue AIZAWA, Attorney Masakazu IWAKURA

Media and Entertainment Law

Attorney Katsuro TANAKA, Attorney Tomohiro TOHYAMA, Attorney Osamu ISHIHARA, Attorney Shigeyuki MITO, Attorney Masahiko NAKAMURAAttorney Yoshiro MASUMOTO

Real Estate

Attorney Haruo NARIMOTO


Attorney Katsuro TANAKA, Attorney Ryosuke ITO, Attorney Shigeyuki MITO, Attorney Yoshiro MASUMOTO


Attorney Hidetoshi MASUNAGA, Attorney Masakazu IWAKURA