【入所】小林 勝氏、参与就任のお知らせ


当事務所では小林 勝氏を本年5月9日付で参与として迎えました。


このたび、TMI総合法律事務所に参与として入所いたしました小林 勝でございます。





TMI Associates welcomed Mr. Masaru Kobayashi as a Senior Manager on May 9, 2022.
Below are comments by Mr. Kobayashi.


I, Masaru Kobayashi, have joined TMI Associates as a Senior Manager.
In the future, I plan to use my experience in nuclear regulatory matters to assist our clients in collaboration with a variety of experts, including a number of TMI Associates’ top lawyers.

At the time of the severe accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in 2011, I was working for the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. As one of the people responsible for the safety reviews of the nuclear regulatory authorities, I resolved that such an accident should never happen again.

Since the establishment of the new Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), as the manager of safety measures for earthquakes and tsunami, I have been implementing the improvement of nuclear safety management, considering the opinions of experts and others and giving top priority to protecting people and the environment.

I will endeavor to use these experiences to create proposals that gain the trust and satisfaction of our clients in the nuclear field. Thank you and best regards.

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